SaaS Incubator Program

You have this big idea that will change the way we do things, but you don't have a technical co-founder.

Awesome. That's where I come in.

I have two areas of expertise that will be of great help to you. First, as a professional CTO, I will help you build your product as if it were mine. Think of me as the chef you work with to open your restaurant.

Second, as an entrepreneur who did the road twice myself, I will help you become the best CEO you can. This means structuring your business, thinking in SaaS mode, monetizing your idea, structuring the financial side of the business, hiring the right team and much more.

Program structure

The program is structured in 4 steps. You can opt-out (or be kicked-out) of the program at any step.

1- Roadmapping

From the idea or problem you are trying to solve, we will design the full functional flow of your product. This is the blueprint of what you are trying to create and will help you understand better the amount of work required to make it happen. This will also enable you to get quotations to develop your product.

2- Business structure

Attaching the product to a viable business structure, including financial structure, monetization, funding, accounting, KPIs, and more.

3- Product development

Using state-of-the-art techniques, tools, and technologies, your product will come to life in a matter of weeks. During this time, you are expected to fully concentrate on the business side of things.

4- Product launch

That's it, you are online. This is the beginning of the adventure. We will meet often to keep you aligned, I am going to be your best friend or worst nightmare, depending on the efforts you put on your company.


Once we agree to work together for the product development, you pay 20% of the development costs upfront and 20% on delivery of the product itself. For the remaining 60%, you can finance it in three ways:

  • over 6 months for 6% equity
  • over 12 months for 10% equity
  • over 18 months for 15% equity

Because we did a roadmapping session together, the price for development is guaranteed to be exact. There will be no overcharges as long as we stick to the plan (which we will trust me).

How to apply

You need to build a pitch deck explaining your idea and how great it's going to be. Please include the following slides in your deck. You may add more, but these 5 are mandatory.

1- A little intro about you (a.k.a. "The team")
2- What is the problem you are trying to solve (a.k.a. "The problem")
3- What is your solution to that problem (a.k.a. "The solution")
4- Who is already in the market (a.k.a. "The competition")
5- How big is the market (a.k.a. "The opportunity")

Send your pitch right now!

Although not all applicants are selected, everyone gets answered.

If selected, you will have a 10 minutes time slot to pitch in person. You will then have 20 minutes allocated to answer questions about your project.

Mobility to Quebec City for the duration of the program is mandatory.